Integral Masculinity

Masculinity is under fire from many branches of postmodern feminism. Rather that seeking to avoid responsibility for the suggestions of some feminists that, ‘The Patriarchy” runs the world for men at the expense of women. Integral Masculinity seeks to build a more complete understanding of masculinity, and by extension, Men, then Femininity and Women.


Define Masculinity

Some of the confusion around masculinity can simply be down to having different meanings. When I say masculinity you might think of something different to what I’m thinking so a shared understanding of what a word means is vital.

Masculinity can be defined as the behaviours and attributes Traditionally associated with men as Femininity is define the same but for women.

The slight problem with this definition is the word “Traditionally”. Traditional cultures are different from our culture and men behave in different ways in different cultures around the world. We will start to biuukd a bigger and mre inclusive picture of masculinity as we see how it has developed and is still developing. And will continue to do so for a long time yet.


Magical Masculinity

At tghe Magical stage of development Human males are an essential part of the survival of the group. Families aren’t like our and parental dutiues are often shared, by everyone. Often the fathers of the children are not know or pssibly knw by the woman but often every older man is an Uncle and every older woman except your mum is an Aunt

Mascuklinity in this set up is a protective force around the village. The men will undertake thge heavier and mre dangerous jbs because they are mre suited to it but I imagine if a woman in tbis family was as big and strong as sme of thge men she would go along too on the hunt r what ever.


Tribal Masculinity

It can be hard nt to describe the magical Stage sometimes with out using the word '“Tribe”. It is such a great word and can be used to descibe so many aspects of human life. Foot ball teams are Tribal and so is Natipoonalism and Rascism So the tribal stage of Humanity is still very much with us. But when it first emerged the ‘Triabal’ Stage of development was a breat bost to human poulations.

When you say the word tribe of iot conjours up the image of Natiuve American