X goes shopping with XY

Yesterday afternoon I went clothes shopping with an XY human named Jerry. It identifies itself as a man, it is what you guys call cis-gendered. That means that it is happy with its gender position and is content with its male identity and it’s XY body. It asked me to call it “he” and not “it”, I will comply.

I was excited to go clothes shopping as I’ve noticed how much you humans love to dress up. You’re always wearing clothes. It’s amazing to watch you donning such a huge variety of fabric and colour and if I’m to understand difference then this seems like a good place to start. I notice that you like looking at each other too, you’re always taking pictures and buying magazines. X my partner and I don’t really wear clothes. Nobody on Planet X does. If we “wear” anything it’s a sort of microscopically thin-layer of nothing. Remember, there is no difference on Planet X that is why I am here studying it.

So off to Churchill Square in Brighton (it’s a mall with lots of different shops) with Jerry and his credit card. I asked Jerry what his favourite shop was as I marvelled all the different names. I am fascinated by names because they seem so important to you guys. That’s an expression that Jerry taught me he said “Guys usually means XY’s but I can also mean XX’s too!” I realised yesterday that you guys give your XX and XY offspring XX and XY names too. Is it a way of knowing if someone is XX or XY? Is that important to you? (Note to X on Planet X;- They call them ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ but I’m unsure of the meaning of those words, so, for now, I will use XX and XY)

Anyway back to Jerry, an apparently XY name, and the shops. I liked the sound of Dorothy Perkins I don’t know why it just felt nice to say.

“Dorothy Perkins is a woman’s shop,” said Jerry “And I’m a man”

“So you have different shops for XX and XY’s” I asked

“Well yes, sort of” Jerry replied. “Some shops sell only men's or women's clothes others sell both, but there is a rough divide. Also things are changing as some men like wearing women's clothes” He thought about this for a moment before adding “Women have been wearing trousers for a 100 years now so I guess men can wear dresses too now” (Note to self:- Try to understand the difference between trousers and dresses, it seems important)

We talked about this for ages until I thought I understood

“So let me get this straight, for the report back to Planet X.” I said “You have different names and different clothes for XX and XY people”


“But some XX people wear XY clothes”


“And some XY people wear XX clothes”.


“And some XY people call themselves XX names”


“And some XX people call themselves XY names”


“Why?” I asked.

Jerry was very gracious in accepting that he had no clue as to why someone would do any of those things. He has never questioned his identity as an XY man/male. “It’s just never been an issue for me” he said. As we entered his favourite shop, Hollister.

Jerry spent 10 minutes looking through the rails of clothes and bought some blue trousers and a grey hoodie with Hollister written across the front. So everyone knows where he bought it I assume. It seems somehow important that the XY’s among you let others know where you bought your clothes. Yet another thing I’ve to understand.

I asked Jerry why he chose the grey hoodie when he could have had the blue one or the brown one.

“I’ve already got those” he replied

Next, I’m off to meet an XX. What should I ask it?