We are all, to a greater or lesser extent, self identified. I am a self identified me! So who are self identified women? I ask this question, of course, knowing my answer and also knowing that some will disagree with me. Self identified women are either a/ XY chromosome bearing men with psychologies in contrast to there biologies or b/ XX-chromosome bearing women.

I think it’s good to have a discussion around the questions “What is a woman?” and “What is a man?”. Not in order to redefine the words, but to deepen our understanding and our sense of the meaning of the words. To develop new understandings and new words that build on the old understandings and meanings. A woman is a woman and a man is a man, or do we need to redefine all words? Can a lemon be a Peach?

Delving into identity I can come up with many different labels that would convey to you my intricacies and habits. Since allowing my transvestism to be I’ve allowed a much more vulnerable side to express itself. Being a man can be tough, being a human can be tough. Being a human who doesn’t fit into socially accepted norms is tough, but I don’t believe saying “Yes you’re a woman” will make it any easier. What makes it easier for me is greater acceptance of who I am.

As for my self identity (If you’re not interested stop here!).

I’m an XY chromosome, man, male, father, son, exo-hetero (outwardly heterosexua) intro bi-curious (95% heterosexual), 7/10 dyslexic, human/spirit being, narcissistic (a bit), transvestite. Nice to meet you! Im genuinely interested to hear what labels you put on yourself, but please don’t deny biology.

A Man in a Skirt