So man skirts and dresses and heels are now on trend! It’s true, I read it on the interweb so it must be true. Does that mean I’m not a transvestite anymore? If the culture has changed and now we accept that men might want to wear “women’s clothes” then that changes something fundamental to our culture. But of course, we don’t all accept it because there is still an argument going on between two opposing factions in the debate on gender. I could label them left and right but that would only be partly correct at a certain level of understanding. They are not just left and right oppositional points of a central point they are both extremists. Jordan Peterson is great example of a modern scientific rational “Right” side of the fence, speaker. He’s good but one thing he fails to do is recognise his own position. He opposes the left but fails to see the cultural side of the argument and if you can’t argue for your opponent then you’re not qualified to argue against them. The same goes for those on the left claiming the word “woman” as if a label might somehow heal the wound. Biology is biology and women are what we have for centuries called the bearers of XX chromosomes. We can’t just change language at the whim of one side of an argument. Can we move the conversation away from biology on to psychology now, please? If you're claiming a third gender why call it a woman? I might feel like, or even want to be, a woman but that doesn’t make me one. XX chromosomes do that and I ain’t got ’em.

Let’s call the third gender X for now? At least until we understand more about it.

You have the extremist right who think that material science and biology is everything and you have extremists on the left who think that the social sciences and culture are everything. They might be on opposite sides of the fence but they’re way up the extremist end of the field.

We need to stop thinking about the left-right split in terms of a middle ground of reason between the two because extremists don’t like reason.
Btw I don’t think that Jordan Peterson is an extremist but he is a very good example of a scientific rational modern thinker and he does sit in strong opposition to the left postmodern thinkers. I also think that more extreme people on both sides of the fence use him to support there more extreme views.