Hash tagging my look

How to hashtag my look? Definitely not #genderneutral! Neutral sounds way too much like neutered for my comfort. Neutrality is middle of the road, indifferent and unaligned. Switzerland is neutral, very beautiful but I wouldn't want to live there. Cats get neutered, neutralised, sterilised. Sterility is a loss of the reproductive ability and if there is a motivating force of life on this planet then it’s that very compulsion that drives us to reproduce. Who wants neutrality?

Perhaps we can reinvent fashion? Perhaps the internet will facilitate a reframing of style? Away with being told what this season's colours will be and in with men and women discovering for themselves what fits and lifts them. I have serious doubts that inert, indifferent, by standing looks will ever take off, we love the edges and the full range of expression too much. The gender-neutral clones will have there moment but things will swing back, and forth, and back again. Balance is a good word, gender balance is something that I could work towards and understand, but what is balance? Not 50/50 that's for sure. 50/50 is actually more like neutral and balance is anything but neutral. Balance is dynamic, a constant dance, always moving and shifting. 70/30, 30/70, back and forth. Yin and Yang flow through each other in a perpetual waltz and now is the time for it to flow through the fashion industry. Gender balance opens the traditional world of suits and ties to xx chromosome bearers and thankfully for me, as an xy type, the sensuality of tights and skirts and heels is now on the cards

Amanina Skirt