Should a boy be allowed to wear a skirt to school?

In the news today a school is being sued by the parents of two boys, the reason, because the school allowed another boy to wear a dress.

I cannot comment on the uniform policy of the school but if it allows for girls to wear dresses then why not boys? It's a primary school so I doubt that there's a strict "uniform" policy. The word uniform means one form or one way and in some ways I'm sure that a school uniform is a help full part of growing up. It levels the playing field and stops some children arriving in the latest and most expensive fashions while other. less well off children make do with hand-me-downs and cheaper clothes. But its not a uniform policy if it expects boys and girls to wear different clothes, is it? A school in Lewes thinks it has answered this question by forcing all students male or female to wear trousers! We'll see how far that goes before being challenged by the pupils.or parents. Some girls hate trousers, they can be uncomfortable and exposing especially for the larger body form. In the past we've wanted our adults to be uniform, conformist and standard but the problem is that we humans are not uniform or standard, many are conformist but many are not and in trying to fit square pegs into round holes we do a disservice to small boys and girls who want to explore there difference.

Girls who do not conform to the gender expectations are called 'Tom-Boys". That's actually quite a nice way of putting it, on the other hand boys who express femininity are called sissys, and there sexuality is brought into question. That to me smacks of hypocrisy and reveals the double standards of our culture.

My heart goes out to all who are struggling with identity in this current climate of confusion. A young boys desire to wear a dress does not make him transgendered or gay or anything other than a boy in a dress.

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A Man in a Skirt