On why the modern obsession with health makes me feel sick.

Being a lifelong consumer of butter and never marg I felt certain shameful smugness at the news that it is actually one of the healthier fats.

Fat-free, sugar-free both of them turn out to be worse. Do you want your sweetness from a plant or from a brain tumour causing chemical? The water industry started a myth of 2 L of water a day. Newsflash! Your kidneys do not flush out toxins your arse and your skin do that with the help of the lungs and liver. Your body utilises up to 2ltrs of water a day but much of it is in the food that we eat. And no tea does not dehydrate you, otherwise I'd be a crisp.

Raw food or cold food as it should be called does the rounds but nobody does it and really thrives! Raw food advocates point to animals and say look at them following natures way! Yes I say look at them spending 8 to 10 hours A day chewing food. Raw food requires more effort to digest placing strain on the digestive system. Cooking food starts the breakdown process before putting it into the second cooking pot, your stomach. We are animals yes but we are human animals and in us burns a fire. Cold damp logs do not feed efficient fires.

Cultures in decline obsess about food and sex and our obsession with health is, in part an obsession with food and it's the food part that bothers me. Food fulfils two basic functions first and foremost, fuelling and building the body. There is no truer saying than 'You are what you eat!' you really are. Your skin, your nails and hair, your internal organs, all made out of food. So good food is important. Less chemicals more food.  Food also performs higher functions by communicating culture and love and concern. Breaking bread together is probably healthier than gluten-free and saying Grace before breaking it healthiest still. The health obsession is a body obsession, as if the body is all that exists. But what about the heart and the mind? Food is about nourishing them too.

Which brings me to vegetarianism and veganism and love, the missing ingredient on every packet I've ever read. Love, the extension of care and compassion to anything outside of or inside of ourselves, knows no bounds. The vegetarian traditions of the world are often spiritual traditions. Concerned less with the material world of the body but rather the immaterial world of the heart and the mind. The spiritual mind extends love which is immaterial to its furthest reaches to include as much as life as possible.

Is it possible to eat meat and still extend love and care to the animals that we eat? I believe it is but today's modern meet industry is about as far from loving and caring as it is possible to be without us all deciding to be deliberately cruel. As soon as we become conscious of the pain and suffering of an other the non-psychopathic part of me kicks in and I intuitively seek to help.

Personally I stopped eating pork the day I found out the pigs at the conscious capacity of a three-year-old child. But my body seems to need meat. Extending love and care I choose less meat and cheese and eggs and when I do I choose the most loved and cared for that I can. And most importantly for me I say thank you for it and extend love and care to it.

'Blessings on the food'. Four words that changed my diet and my life. I haven't stopped eating anything but I love it more. Healthiness is wholeness.  Body, Heart and Mind.

Thank you.