Man in a Skirt goes shopping.

Undoubtedly the best thing about feminising my wardrobe has been the endless shopping opportunities now open to me. Not that I'm a shopoholic you know. Charity shops enable guilt free shopping as it helps keep stuff out of landfill. But sometimes something new is needed. And good old TKMaxx fits the bill. If you don't know TKMaxx it's like a massive, brand new, slightly designer, jumble sale! Endless rails of tops, skirts, dresses, coats, shoes, bags and accessories. A men's section too! That's the first thing to note, the men's section is about a third the size of the women's. The Feminine is multi layered, multi coloured and multi faceted. The Masculine is in contrast, more singular. More mono.
Obviously a trusted girlfriend will be involved. To be the other pair of eyes and guard against any horrors. (Of which I'm guilty of choosing a few!). Well I'm like a kid in s sweet shop to finally find myself able to buy the clothes I love. Sometimes it all just looks so beautiful;-).
My friend K is great. She's always loved her clothes and looks and style and is more than qualified to help me learn. We're shopping for both of us today so it's a beautiful dance of bringing each other things that we've found, commenting and putting it back (or not!:-).
The masculine way of shopping is to walk in, pick up the one that fits (almost:-), pay and leave. All in as short a space of time as possible. Singular! Focused! I can do this and it's a perfect system for eBay, my other favourite shopping opportunity:-).
I'm a size 16/14 skirt. And up top I'm a size 22! Which has its advantages on a building site when your lifting steel beams into place. But in TKMaxx looking for a pretty dress or top It can be tough! The thing is, and I know women have known about this for ever, but the bigger the sizes the plainer the clothes get. It's like there's an unwritten style rule that says big women must wear shapeless sacks! And beige and black ones to boot! I know it's not all like that and there are manufacturers that make lovely clothes for larger ladies. But still, there's a sizeism in fashion that is unhealthy.
Needless to say K got the prettiest dress. Mine is a slightly sparkly grey one that will need some jazzing up but such is the life of a man in a skirt.
Blessings and love.

A Man in a Skirt.