A man in a skirt rocks Paris fashion event!

A man in a skirt rocked the Premier Vision fashion industry event last week.

Looking (insert your own adjective here) in a sensible burgundy corduroy skirt and matching ankle boots Amanina was blown away by the sheer scale of the three day show. "It was like something from a sci-fi blockbuster" he said. Row upon row of colour upon colour of fabric and leather and paper, Premier Vision is "The global event for fashion professionals" (their blurb not mine!

The Fashion Industry fashions the world around us on many levels and in many ways. Dictating what colours and styles we will be buying next season and selling us the promise of happiness and beauty while the environmental and cultural costs are hidden but mounting. Literal mountains of clothes are landfilled every year and poor, less well developed countries clothing markets are flooded with low quality, mono cultural, western fashions. Local heritage clothing markets, traditional dyers, weavers, printers and makers are slowly squeezed out of business. It's like another mass extinction as the huge variety of the world's clothiers succumb to mass produced, poor quality, cheap garments. The Bangladeshi sari may not hold the cure for cancer as might the rare Amazonian plant but with its demise cultural diversity is lost. We take one more step toward all wearing the same uniform.

A Man in a Skirt is working towards an integral fashion industry. One that is more aware, not just of the artistry, sophistication and innovation it brings to the world but also the costs it incurs. Recycling, up-cycling and charity shop shopping are but drops in the ocean and they will remain small drops until the world wakes up to the real cost of the aspirations and expectations of the fashion industry.  The shift towards male beauty is a chance to change the game, to level the playing field and create a style that allows and encourages individuality as well as global responsibility.

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A Man in a Skirt