A letter to America.

America, land of the free, home of the brave. Are you a patriarchal axis of oppression or a matrix of freedom? You've caused a global shit storm with your military interventions but you were the birthplace of the new age. You've trampled on the democratic process of numerous nation states, but you've also taken us to the moon. You gave us Big business and abundance! And you've lead the way to the brink of an environmental crisis. To hell on earth with your wars on communism, drugs and terror. War is terror America and you can't have a war on war. 40% of the worlds military spending alongside some of the best and most inventive arts and cultural and technological phenomena. Yes America you are a land of contradiction.

Who are you America? Land of the what? Home of the who? The French funded your revolution but you failed to kill the beast. If indeed the beast can be killed, and the fairytales would suggest not. Held at bay by St George him self, but not killed. You didn't kill the beast, or even hold it at lance point. Instead you built it a Pentagon and handed it you're wealth, no, the wealth of the world. How do we tame it now? And by we I mean every single one of us on this rock that has been touched by either your blessings or your curses.

How do we help you to de-escalate your military whilst holding onto your ability to build a prosperous world? Your supply chains could feed everybody but not with the beast in charge!

'The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist'. When science did away with God it gave the devil its chance to take the steering wheel. But who is in charge? The devil? The Rockefellers? Donald Trump?

Donald Trump isn't the problem. The problem isn't even just you America. The problem with America is the problem of human condition. The human heart, like you America, is split in two. Left versus Right, Modern versus Postmodern, Tribalism verses everyone else, the mind versus the body even man versus woman! All wars are ultimately sourced in the human condition. The inability to see what we can't see. The arrogance of science thinking it can know the totality of creation leaves us without humility. Thinking that we 'creations' could figure out our 'creator' does away with the mystery of life.

Where the answer to Donald Trump lies. Is in a global understanding of life, a new religion if you like, a new way of understanding the mystery, a better one than last time. One that includes more not less. Conscious evolution! There and in impeachment! and then some basic qualifications and personality tests for our world leaders. We have the legal authority to remove from public office those who seek to do wrong but we have lost the collective will.

You America, like many of us are Tribal and fierce, Traditional and God-fearing, Modern and Godless and Postmodern and confused. All at once, all the time, constantly balancing and shifting.

Who is right, will Tribalism and violence save us? Should we go back to church and pray with the Traditionalists? Or leave it to science and godless Modernism? Or perhaps the nihilism of Postmodernism will just have us melt together as one culturally Marxist blob? If we're not careful perhaps tribalism will melt us together with a nuclear Armageddon and the whole loop will be closed and none of our problems will matter.

Every American I've ever met has had an amazing quality about them. A certain 'Je ne c'est quoi'. Enthusiasm? Optimism? Yes a glass half full approach to life. Also a bigness, it could be trainers or hair or teeth or personality but always a bigness.

I love you America but in truth like most of us you can also be a bit of a bastard. You're very big America, like a huge, basically friendly, slightly unpredictable, exciting but drunk uncle. You liven up the party for sure but please don't trash it were all having such a good time and we love you when you're not being a bastard.

Love and blessings for the future America and if you need our help please don't be afraid to ask!

A Man in a Skirt.