Gender Neutral, WTF!

If this is the future of fashion then I’m going naked. I mean really? Is this the best that Zara can come up with? Bland, boring, grey hoodies that can be worn by anyone! My girlfriends are welcome to borrow any of my hoodies anytime they want, and they are nicer than these dull examples. The gender neutral future that Zara seems to be dreaming up looks more like a dystopian nightmare rather than an opportunity for equality in dressing opportunities. Women can already wear grey hoodies if they want so why the need for gender neutral ones?


Genderless or gender neutral clothes are all over the fashion industry at the moment. Perhaps because men are finally waking up to the fact that when it comes to clothing choices, we definitely get the brown and functional end of the stick. Mens clothes are less varied and less colourful than women’s. Mens shoes are less attractive than women’s, and I don’t just mean heels! Looking for simple trainers reveals the basic misconceived idea that men will only want to wear black, brown or blue. Anything with a bit of colour or bling on it ceases to exist beyond size 8. Even the ‘unisex’ red velour ones I was looking at the other day! I mean what’s the point of calling them unisex and then only making them to a size 8? 

So what is genderless clothing anyway? Is my dress a girl? Are my trousers a boy? No, obviously not, clothes have no gender, clothes are already genderless. It’s our cultural conditioning that assigns the gender of the person allowed to wear certain garments. In the 1920’s women broke the barriers and started wearing trousers. They were derided and spat at in the street for their troubles. But 100 years later men are, at last, doing the same with skirts and dresses.

In the French language La jupe (the skirt) and La robe (the dress) are feminine and Le pantalon (the trousers) are masculine but the tie (about as masculine as it gets) is feminine. Stockings and bras are masculine and so are tights and bikinis. It’s similar in other languages  that assign gender to nouns and it follows no logic. Not at all based on the supposed gender of the wearer of said clothes. 

I’m happy to have found my flow with clothes at last. Happy to be able don a bit of colour and a bit of silk. And I want more of it, not less. What’s beautiful is the difference between the masculine and the feminine. Homogeneity is not beautiful.

Peace and blessings

A Man in a Skirt