About Me

As with many crossdressers, it started very early. About 6 years old I recall laying on my Mum's bed in a pile of her clothes and I loved it. The fabric, the colour and the feel of it all. I always felt closer to the women in my family. I realise now that I admired them and not the men who were around,m apart from my lovely Granddad.

I love the way women dress and I love the clothes that women wear. Aged 13-16 I very secretly used to dress up in my mum's clothes and put on makeup and her heels. This was in part a way of feeling loved and safe and beautiful and part exploration of my growing sense of self. Unfortunately, I suppressed the desire to dress up (fear of being outcast or rejected!
This suppression caused all sorts of trouble in my relationships. Projecting my need to feel beautiful and being devastated when I inevitably didn't.

20 years ago I decided to give it a go and tried crossdressing proper. I met a beautiful woman in Brighton and she dressed me up and made me up and loved me in my outfits. I loved myself too but I never felt really comfortable with it. Looking like a beautiful woman that is. Something, possibly a girlfriends reaction drove me to seek 'Therapy' for my 'Problem'!:-(.

Therapy led me to an understanding of my desire to crossdress that may or may not have been helpful. So I got over it got rid of my clothes and tights and became a father. Only I wasn't over it at all, just buried under another layer of dust.

It's only 15 years later as the world opens up to the acceptance of men in skirts that I have caught on to what it's all about for me. I don't want to look like a woman. But I do want to dress my self like I see many women dress. With care and love and attention to detail. Attention to colour and fabric and style. Attention to beauty and to the feminine.

So my humble offering is my (masculine) take on the feminine art of dressing.

A Man in a Skirt.