Integral Gender

Building upon the understandings of Integral Fashion, Integral Gender is a new way of looking at the issue of identity. Fed up with the social media battle over gender and identity I sought a new understanding of these two captivating issues gaining so much attention right now. Using the integral maps developed by Ken Wilbur and many others I put ‘Human’ at the centre of the identity circle and move on from there. This allows a fresh perspective on difference and similarity, first seeing the common ground that we all share.

Understanding some of the many differing world views and contradictions that exist all the way through human culture and life is key to forming deeper and more secure identities. Growth and evolution are a key part of Integral Gender and looking to where evolution either has occurred or needs to occur will always serve to enlighten more.

Wether you are gay, straight, bi, trans, or any combination of difference, Integral Gender invites ever deeper understanding of the human condition. Men and Women can gain a fresh perspective on there own masculine and feminine essences which in turn helps me to understand the ‘other’ sex. We are multi faceted creatures who exist on many different levels of being such as biology, psychology, mythology and spirituality. The truth isn’t in any one of these over and above all the others, the truth is in all four of them, and more, working together to create the unique collection of possibly random events that is you, a human.

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