I am a mentor with A Band of Brothers. A charity that took off in Brighton several years ago. We bring rights of passage to young men in conflict with the legal system and offer mentoring as a way of building connection and community. Mentoring help young men find there true value in a world that sees them solely as consumers of culture rather than creators of it while simultaneously helping older men break down emotional barriers and find new purpose and meaning in life

Mentoring is distinct from psychotherapy and coaching, it is a much less formal approach to guiding ones life but one that is no less powerful. As a mentor I learn to get myself out of the way to allow deeper voices to question you and pull the threads you bring. Unlike psychotherapy and shadow work I bring the whole of myself to the mentoring relationship which I find to be a refreshing change in the field of self revelation and guidance.

As a client you can expect an honest and open conversation as to the nature of your question. I will draw on many different maps and understandings of biology, psychology, mythology and spirituality to help throw new light on your life and your path. My teachers are meditation and shiatsu, Shadow Work training, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell,  all the poets and storytellers and most recently Ken Wilbur. I bring an integral approach to mentoring seeing the whole being while focusing on a smaller part.

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I offer mentoring on Skype or in Person if we are nearby (Brighton, U.K. or Nice, France).

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