A Man in a Skirt is no longer waiting to happen. Its happening now. A Man in a Skirt is what the fashion world has been waiting for. A Man in a Skirt balances masculine and feminine with style. A Man in a Skirt knows that beauty is for him and not just her.   A Man in a Skirt loves blue, black and grey, alongside all the other colours of the rainbow. A Man in a Skirt is human before anything else, next he’s a man, then he wears a skirt, if he wants to. A Man in a Skirt looks to the heavens with his feet on the earth.


Skirts for people, people who like skirts!

Spread your knees and feel the breeze, scream louder as the ride gets faster!

This is not a definitive list of the definitions of certain words, they are the meanings that I ascribe to certain words. Many are exactly as you might find in a dictionary some are not...
About me, Robin du Bois
My story. As with many crossdressers, it started very early. About 6 years old I recall laying on my Mum’s bed in a pile of her clothes and I loved it. I realise now that I admired them...



Recognition determines success and power

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