Should fashion labels say something about our culture?

Our clothes speak volumes about our values and aspirations as well as reflecting our concerns and the latest developments in technology. Our clothing choices reflect our style and our culture. So what is the underlying philosophy of A Man in a Skirt? Other than the obvious  ‘Look at me! I’m wearing a skirt!’

One value I see reflected in a man wearing a skirt is ‘challenge’. Despite the hype it is still a courageous act for a man to wear a skirt or a dress. Kilts are easier for the general public to digest but when a man wears a skirt or a dress he is directly challenging the status quo. And it’s quite a well established status to be challenging. For over 400 years in the west trousers have been more than the norm they have been the rigidly expected mode. To step outside of these conformities meant to be a transvestite or otherwise, certainly less than a man. Women have had a slightly easier time of late sartorially speaking.

So here is my message, straight from the manifesto of A Man in a Skirt. A Man in a Skirt has a voice and needs to be heard, not above the other voices claiming there space but alongside them. A Man in a Skirt believes it is wrong to judge people by there sex, whatever their sex. A Man in a Skirt believes it is wrong to judge people by there skin colour, whatever their skin colour. A man in a Skirt believes in fairness above equality. A man in a Skirt is willing to be vulnerable but not at any cost. A Man in a Skirt is willing to be the change he wishes to see in the world. A Man in a Skirt is not a pushover or an apologist. A Man in a Skirt knows his privilege as well as his disadvantages and he offers his gifts to the world accordingly.

A Man in a Skirt says yes to providing support to those less well off than himself. A man in a Skirt say no to basing said support on group identifies. A Man in a Skirt recognises the benefits of group identity and is also wary of the dangers. A Man in a Skirt speaks for no-one other than himself. A Man in a Skirt doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he’s not a joke either.

Welcome to A Man in a Skirt, my small offering to the world of fashion, from the point of view off a man who stood jealously by for many years while women had all the fun in the clothes shops. A guide to the new fashion for men and hopefully an inspiration to others to think about clothes and culture in a different light.

Skirts for people, people who like skirts!

Spread your knees and feel the breeze, scream louder as the ride gets faster!

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